5 Holiday Side Dishes Reinvented

You know what's funny about Thanksgiving? The turkey is the centerpiece, but I've never heard someone freak out over the turkey. People lose words over the yams, or the string beans, or the mashed potatoes. And don't get me started on the gravy or the pie. Thanksgiving is an ensemble piece, not a one-bird show, so with that in mind I thought I'd bring you a round-up of some of my favorite side dishes to add a new flavor to your Thanksgiving feast. Hope you enjoy! mvp-header
If you're making the sides for thanksgiving, that probably means you're not the host dealing with a 15 lb turkey. So instead of sharing another cute serving dish, how about getting the host a nice little something? I'm obsessed with the And El Kader candle by Cire Trudon. Its blend of mint, green tea, and tobacco makes it the perfect gender neutral scent for anyone's home. Abd El Kader Candle, $85,
Sweet, caramelized, roasted carrots and crunchy chickpeas get covered in a African chili rub, resulting in an explosion of texture and taste. for full recipe.
Crunchy, spicy, warm, and just a touch sweet, this dish has it all. A true break from tradition, perfect as a side dish this season, or any. for the full recipe.
  With a classic combination of autumnal ingredients, this salad gets an additional flavor punch with a unique maple-tinged dressing. for full recipe.
  Luxuriously rich yet surprisingly simple, this soup is a textural dream and a perfect addition to your holiday feast.  for full recipe.
  A bright and crunchy salad with an Asian kick, this is definitely a new twist on an old standby you need to try.  for full recipe.
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