Email Etiquette: 6 Signs You're Doing It All Wrong


In today's increasingly digital era, we could liken the importance of email etiquette to that of table manners. As your inbox is likely flooded with numerous messages each day, there's no question it's the new preferred—and some would say improved—form of correspondence. For that reason, it's crucial to , sending, and responding, as your career (and even personal relationships) can depend on it.

While you're trying to keep up with the fast-paced culture surrounding communication in the workplace today, one quick mistake could make or break your career. In order to avoid a seemingly small but impactful misstep, there are a few key tips to remember before you hit send.

While there are many keys to  to keep in mind, we've narrowed it down to six essentials elements of email etiquette. From staying out of the spam folder to avoiding an offensive sign-off, find our easy-to-follow email tips below.

Now that you know the keys to sending the perfect email, shop a few of our favorite office essentials below.

Which email tip do you find most important?

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