Inside a New York Bachelor's Elevated and Edgy NoHo Loft

Updated 02/15/17

Space may be a luxury in New York City, but for one private equity analyst, it was one worth investing in—for more reasons than one. When Ross Green moved into his expansive one-bedroom, two-bath loft in NoHo, he was tired of living like a college student and called on the help of designer Jesse Turek to help him elevate his home to one worthy of his age and status. In his décor arsenal: only a few prized pieces of art and rare Yankee Stadium memorabilia.

With the help of Turek, what could have been a large two-story dorm room turned into an elevated and sophisticated loft made for entertaining. Nothing too precious was the client's brief, who wanted his décor to endure the wear and tear of dinners with friends or baseball viewing parties. Instead, elegant and low-maintenance pieces were brought into this industrial-style space to create the ultimate bachelor apartment—except that by the end of the redesign, Green was a bachelor no more. Take a tour of the stunning NoHo loft redesign that transformed more than just a man's apartment—it also created a home fit for two.

Sean Litchfield ; DESIGN: Jesse Turek for Homepolish

The first order of business in this loft space with extra-high ceilings was to change up the layout. "Originally, Ross wanted the sofa pushed up against one of the walls," explains Turek, "but when I showed him the option of placing the sofa in the center of the room facing the two large floor-to-ceiling windows, he fell in love with the idea. I did this for a few reasons. I wanted him to be able to enjoy the outdoor view, the TV is the perfect distance from the sofa, and it's a little more unexpected, which is what I love to do.

I enjoy delivering the unexpected!"

West Elm Box Frame Coffee Table $549 $439
Sean Litchfield ; DESIGN: Jesse Turek for Homepolish

The brief for the space was simple: "Ross wanted the home to reflect his personality and style. He also wanted it to be comfy and not too fussy since he likes to entertain. He didn't want his friends to worry about making a mess of anything that seemed to formal or extravagant." To facilitate easy entertaining, the designer set up a dry bar on the living room credenza.

West Elm Modern Buffet $899
Crate and Barrel French Kitchen Marble Platter $30
Sean Litchfield ; DESIGN: Jesse Turek for Homepolish

One of Turek's favorite finds for the home is the overdyed rug against the crisp white furniture and the brick wall. "The brick wall adds so much texture and interest to the space." Luckily the client is now able to enjoy the rug (and the view) from his stunning Restoration Hardware sofa—something that didn't prove easy: "The only challenge was trying to get the sofa to fit through the entryways of the building," he explains. "I just called Dr. Sofa, and they took care of disassembling the sofa and the reassembling it in the apartment."

Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Armchair $539
ABC Carpet & Home Color Reform Silk Overdyed Rug $8100
Sean Litchfield ; DESIGN: Jesse Turek for Homepolish

In the dining room, Turek showcased a few of the client's prized possessions by adding pops of primary colors in the chairs and benches: "Ross wanted a very neutral background, but he also wanted some pops of color here and there," explains the designer. "My approach to color schemes happens organically with every project. I don’t decide the pops of color right away. I create the foundation of the design first and then over time, as I get to know the client and shop around with them, I take notice of colors that they gravitate toward."

Blu Dot Hot Mesh Side Chair $129
Anton Maka Designs St. Aubin Bench $650
Sean Litchfield ; DESIGN: Jesse Turek for Homepolish

"Ross appreciates very interesting and colorful art," explains the designer. "His selections really helped with dictating the final colors, and then I just ran with it!" To complement the Yankee Stadium seats by the stairs—a graduation gift from Green's parents—the designer picked blue mesh chairs for the adjacent dining room and hung a painting from the client's friend, artist .

Steiner Yankee Stadium Seat $1105
The Moroccan Room Beni Ourain Rug $2995
Sean Litchfield ; DESIGN: Jesse Turek for Homepolish

"All the rooms have a hint of quirk and whimsy," explains the designer. "The goal was to create a palette that showed off the client's artwork and to create an inviting atmosphere for his friends. The main floor contains a bit of subdued industrial sensibility while the bedroom upstairs is a little more cheerful and daring with bright pops of yellow." At the last minute, the duo added additional hidden storage behind the bed for Green's girlfriend, who had recently moved in. This goes to show that sometimes, you have to dress for success—both in life and in love.

The Land of Nod Campaign Nightstand $299
Blu Dot Stilt Table Lamp $299
The Moroccan Room Cactus Silk $395

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