Make Fresh Tortillas in 90 Seconds With This Bold New Machine

There’s nothing quite like a freshly made tortilla. Some people are willing to make epic pilgrimages to the back alleys of Mexico City or the industrial lofts deep in Brooklyn in search of that perfect corn flavor.

But, thanks to a new machine, that pilgrimage can be shortened by the distance it takes to travel from your living room to your kitchen.

Meet , a new countertop appliance that is to tortillas what the Keurig is to coffee. The “artisan tortilla maker” uses pods filled with dough that pass through the machine and produce freshly made tortillas in 90 seconds.

Flatev has already doubled its $50,000 goal on , proving that the taco-crazed set is willing to plunk down $199 for the machine and one batch of dough. That’s quite the bargain, considering the actual retail price will be $437, with individual pods costing 79 cents each. The team behind the Flatev expects early backers to receive their tortilla makers by summer of next year.

Last month, we introduced you to the , a similar machine that uses pouches of fresh fruits and vegetables to produce cold-pressed juice in the comfort of your own home. It would appear that the pod revolution is officially underway.

Watch the Flatev work its magic below.

Top your freshly made tortillas with some taco inspiration from Aaron Sanchez's , and let us know if you’ll be purchasing a Flatev when it hits shelves.

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