4 Breast Cancer–Fighting Foods You Should Add to Your Diet

Updated 03/16/17
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foods that fight breast cancer

It’s never too early to start thinking about breast cancer prevention. Other than skin cancer, it’s the most common cancer affecting American women regardless of race or ethnicity, . Despite recommending women take regular precautions like breast self-exams and mammograms, experts at  believe the foods you eat also play a big role in keeping breast cancer at bay. The three recommended superfood groups for cancer prevention include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, all of which contain phytochemicals— compounds produced by plants—which are believed to boost cancer-preventative properties.

Below we’ve rounded up four foods that studies prove are powerhouse breast cancer fighters. Read on to see what made the list. 

Broccoli sprouts: Broccoli contains a specific phytochemical called glucoraphanin, which helps to neutralize cancer-causing chemicals (studies show  are infused with the highest amount).

Oats: This whole grain is extremely high in fiber—one important cancer-fighting characteristic. Oats also , which is linked to lessening your likelihood of getting breast cancer.

Kale: This leafy green is also packed with good-for-you phytochemicals.

Green tea: Okay, so maybe you have to drink this food, but  contains phenolic compounds, which studies show stop the development of some cancer cells, including breast cancer. We’re fans of  with caffeine ($5), so we can get rid of our pesky coffee fix at the same time.

Read about more breast cancer–preventative foods at , and tell us whether you’ll be adding any of the above to your diet in the comments.

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