7 Reasons You Should Enjoy a Free Slurpee Today

Ah, Saturdays in July. They are long, leisurely, and, if you’re lucky, filled with the good things in life. I’m talking about lounging by the pool, lingering with friends over a plate of sticky barbecued ribs, and sipping an icy-cold Slurpee. Okay, that last one might not factor into the perfect-for-Pinterest image you were imagining, but hear me out. Today is Saturday, July 11—National Free Slurpee Day—and every 7-Eleven in America is giving away free slushies from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The celebration is in honor of the convenience store chain’s 88th birthday. Here are seven reasons you should head to 7-Eleven today and get in on the giveaway.

  1. Slurpees are actually delicious. If you can’t remember the last time you had one, leave your computer right now and go to 7-Eleven. Trust me, the ice-cold, sugary drink will be refreshing and delectable.
  2. You serve yourself! One of the pleasures of Slurpees is getting to craft a unique flavor that is all your own. You can mix and match flavors (Coca-Cola with cherry is always good!) or go for the most classic of Slurpee seasonings, blue raspberry.
  3. You can take the kids and make an outing of it. What child doesn’t love a Slurpee? They will get a kick out of it even more because it’s free! If you live in a smaller town, tire the kids out by walking to and from your local 7-Eleven.
  4. Drinking a Slurpee is practically an American pastime. The Fourth of July was only a week ago, and if you’re still on a patriotic high, why not channel the nostalgia of a simpler time and sip on a Slurpee?
  5. It’s kosher! Who knew?! The majority of Slurpee flavors are not organic and do not come from sustainably grown fruit, but they are certified kosher. All flavors except Monster Black, Twizzler Strawberry, Piña Colada, and Tropicana Grape Wild Strawberry are kosher.
  6. It’s a small Slurpee. If the idea of consuming 12 ounces of slushy gives you a brain freeze, note that the standard free Slurpee is smaller than the typical small Slurpee. It’s only 7.11 ounces, which is just under a cup of Slurpee.
  7. You can spike it and turn it into a frozen cocktail! Add vodka to a lemonade Slurpee, rum to a Hawaiian punch Slurpee, whiskey to a coke Slurpee, and gin to a wild cherry Slurpee. Pour into a chilled margarita glass and say cheers!

Speaking of margarita glasses, we love this by Pottery Barn.  

Will you be participating in National Free Slurpee Day?