10 Delicious Soups You Can Freeze and Reheat on Demand

 never fails to make cold winter weather just a little bit more bearable. Whether you love a simple chicken noodle soup or you go for more alternative flavor combinations, the hot, nutritious dish shines this time of year.

However, you don't have to make dinner every night in order to enjoy homemade soup with cold weather strikes. Instead, you can make and freeze a few batches of your favorite recipes in airtight containers to enjoy when you need them most.

While not every  will store well when frozen, there are quite a few that will taste just as good the second time around. For example, any soup that contains a lot of dairy, potatoes, , or eggs won't last in the freezer, as these ingredients are likely to change in texture or flavor or become watery over time. On the other hand, soups that primarily feature ingredients like beans, rice, broth, and meat tend to fare well in the freezer, .

Ahead, we've rounded up a few freezable soup recipes—from chicken tortilla soup to black bean soup—meant to be saved for later.