How to Have an Epic Friday Night—at Home

Whether you're trying to be less busy or didn't end up making , spending a Friday night at home instead of out on the town can be a restful and relaxing experience. It's the end of the week, so you've got the entire weekend ahead of you. Plus, if you were incredibly  during the past five days, Friday night is the perfect time to reward yourself with something special. The best thing is you'll wake up on Saturday morning with renewed energy and ready to take on the world.

Haven't had a night to yourself lately? We highly recommend you do it soon—perhaps even this evening. To inspire you, we've come up with a list of 15 awesome  on a Friday night in—whether you're going it alone or with a few friends. If you're scratching your head and thinking, What on earth would I do at home tonight? keep reading. There are so many things to do, no matter if you're feeling productive, lazy, or somewhere in between. Consider this your guide to a rejuvenating evening spent at home.

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