Get A Life: Alexander Calder

Multimedia artist was a master at all things moveable: from his miniature handmade circus, a low-fi mechanical take on Ringling Bros., to his geometric mobiles--a genre he is credited with pioneering. But our love for the visionary isn't solely based on his works, or even his VIP friends and fans (Jean Cocteau, Joan Miró, and Marcel Duchamp anyone?). We're equally inspired by the chaotic approach to decor the Pennsylvania native favoured in his homes and studios, first in Paris, France and later in life, in Roxbury, Connecticut, where he settled with wife Louisa James (grandniece to English literary legend Henry). It's this in-and-out-of-the-gallery aesthetic we've sought to capture in our curated collection below, which is inspired by the personal taste of the creative genius himself.   dh-gal-calder-header
Wiley Industrial Pendant, $240 Calder by Jacob Baal-Teshuva, $10, Burlap Lined Basket, $35,
Water Blanket, $299, Crescent Heights Chair, $1695, Jonathan Adler for Brushstroke Red Rug, Price Available Upon Request,
Vintage Wicker Bottle, $50, Danish Kobenstyle Casserole, $120, AJ Floor Lamp, $1098,
Photographs: 1-4,8,10-11,14,15. Courtesy: 5-6. 7. Arnold Newman/Courtesy of Harry Ransom Center 9,12. Courtesy 13.