100 Gorgeous Gifts Under $200

Updated 06/03/19
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We love holiday shopping (one for you, one for me!), but the season of giving can become stressful if you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift—that you can afford. So this year, we’re bringing you a monumental gift guide of stylish presents hand-picked by our editors all under $200. From gorgeous glassware at $10 to an adventure-capturing camera at $200, these items will please the ones you love, without breaking the bank.

Canvas Abbesses Plates in Gold $14

Canvas ($14 and up)
The thin gold rim on these dishes adds a little glitz to a formal affair, while handmade edge keeps them casual when the mood is right. — Mat Sanders, creative director

Assouline Dinner Diairies: Reviving the Art of the Hostess Book by Daniel Cappello $24

Assouline Dinner Diairies: Reviving the Art of the Hostess Book by Daniel Cappello ($24)

With insightful and funny dinner party questionnaires for experienced hosts like Cynthia Rowley, Nanette Lepore, and Ivanka Trump, this exquisite book is the perfect gift for your favourite entertainers. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Zara Home Hummingbird Tray $26

Zara Home Hummingbird Tray ($26)
This hummingbird ashtray is perfect for your coffee table... and those late nights during the party season. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

Iacoli & McAllister Hex Opener/Blackened Brass $48

Iacoli & McAllister ($48)

Is it a bird? A plane? A bottle opener? I love the mystery of this stealthy bar accessory. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Crate & Barrel Crate & Barrel French Kitchen Marble Fruit Bowl $50

Crate & Barrel French Kitchen Marble Fruit Bowl ($50)

It's probably because I just moved into a new place and am in desperate need of an attractive fruit bowl, but I happen to think fruit bowls make really useful and thoughtful gifts. Now can someone please buy this one for me? — Alina Gonzalez, editor 

GoPro HERO3 White Camera $200

GoPro  ($200)
The GoPro is the greatest gift for all ages and genders. The things this camera can do will really capture your special moments. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

TRNK Lodge Stripe Throw $145

TRNK Lodge Stripe Throw ($145)
This soft grey throw is both masculine and feminine and would be perfect for a newly engaged couple, or one that just moved in together. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Vacation Days Thank You Cards Boxed Set of 6 $18

Vacation Days ($18)

Simply put, a stylish stationery set is a must. This gilded bunch (featuring what is actually a liquid brass painting by designer Hamish Robertson) is so very good. —Dana Covit, market editor

CB2 Magnetic Gold Frames $19

CB2 ($19 for six)
Make your friends Insta-famous (at least on the refridgerator) with these gold Polaroid-inspired picture frames. — Mat Sanders, creative director

MARCH Black on White Spatterware Serving Bowl $108

MARCH ($108)

The shape and colour palette of this bowl make it a modern take on classic spatterware. It’s a great serving piece for casual weeknight salads or pastas! — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Fancy Alcohol Shot Gun $25

Fancy  ($25)
Getting tipsy during the holidays sometimes takes too long so try this shot gun for quick results. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

Mrs John L Strong Metallic Last Drink Coaster $40

Mrs John L Strong ($40)

I’m the kind of person who would promptly dismiss these famous last words, and that's why I love them.— Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Buddy Editions "Summer" by Valeria Rienzi $50

Buddy Editions ($50 and up)
A cute print for the beach babe or sun-worshipper in your life. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Crate & Barrel Jett Flatware $70

Crate & Barrel ($70)
Out of all the black flatware, I love Crate & Barrel's Jett pattern for it's matte finish. — Mat Sanders, creative director

Bellocq Yellow Vacationler Tea Caddy Set

Bellocq ($68)
I love to warm up with a selection of artisan teas. The packaging alone is gorgeous, and I love to have these on display whenever I have guests over. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

Shoppe Amber Interiors Vintage Kilim Pillow $98

Shoppe Amber Interiors ($98)

For the boho friend who loves a graphic pop of color. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Citizen Atelier "Eurasian Jay #2" print by Sean Gallagher $95

Citizen Atelier ($95 and up)

Citizen Atelier is a great source for edgy artwork available online, expertly curated by Alessandra Salituri, who has a great eye for moody, romantic works. — Mat Sanders, creative director

Kate Spade Saturday Kate Spade Saturday Initial Candle

Kate Spade Saturday ($30)

This simple but elegant candle is chicer than your average white candle thanks to the sleek gold initial letter. — Alina Gonzalez, editor

Ladies & Gentlemen Balance Studies 101 Desk Figure $195

Ladies & Gentlemen Balance Studies 101 Desk Figure ($195)

Seattle-based 's Balance series is beautiful, playful, and oddly nostalgic (remember the Newton's Cradles that sat on many a doctor's desk?). Like a mini kinetic sculpture, this would look amazing in any workspace or on any shelf. —Dana Covit, market editor

Le Labo Neroli 36 Body Lotion $65

Le Labo ($65)

Having a fragrance that moisturizes is a must especially during the winter months. Everything Le Labo is gorgeous and a staple in my bathroom. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

Le Feu De L’eau Vert Candle $62

Le Feu De L’eau ($62)

These candles are sculpted under water with a high-temperature wax that gives them a beautiful blend of colours and fragrances. The fig leaf scent is subtle and sophisticated. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Max and Moritz Large Copper Standing Bowl $195

Max and Moritz Large Copper Standing Bowl ($195)

You can never have too many random bowls to catch things around the house. — Mat Sanders, creative director

Andrew Neyer Crane Light $199

Andrew Neyer ($199)

I have been eyeing this modern swing lamp for months. It’s simple and beautiful and incredibly well priced. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Voluspa Spruce Cuttings Decorative Candle $10

Voluspa ($10)

Light up Voluspa's Spruce Cuttings home fragrance for instant holiday aromas. — Mat Sanders, creative director

Accoutrements Mustache Ice Cube Tray $7

Accoutrements ($7)

I love ice in my cocktails so why not use these adorable mustache trays for a decorative finishing touch? — Estee Stanley, editor at large

The Citizenry Diamanta Throw $135

The Citizenry ($135)

Nothing says luxury like something handmade. Look to The Citiznery for their well-curated selection of hand selected home decor from around the world. — Mat Sanders, creative director

St. Frank Vintage Indigo Pillow $175

St. Frank ($175)

These vintage indigo pillows will add a subtle global-eclectic vibe to a more refined space. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Serena & Lily Mandarin Glass Globes $58

Serena & Lily ($58 for three)

I'm obsessed with these Mandarin glass globes, which really set the tone for your festivities, not to mention will be the envy of your neighbours. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

Barnlight Electric The Moscow Mule Copper Cup $30

Barnlight Electric ($30)

I bet you’ve never seen a Moscow Mule cup before. Mugs are so over. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Gap Sherpa Bear Slippers $17

Gap ($17)

I love these adorable bear slippers... they're perfect for keeping your little ones' feet warm and stylish. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

NHB Knifeworks 3” Stainless Steel Paring Knife $179

NHB Knifeworks ($179)

For the chef who has everything, this paring knife, crafted with beautiful maple and colourful resin, is totally unique and something he or she can use everyday. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Sugar Paper Classic Desk Calendar $56

Sugar Paper Classic Desk Calendar ($56)

This classic calendar is a chic addition to any desktop. I love its timeless look. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Pressed Juicery Juice Cleanse $160

Pressed Juicery ($160/mo. and up)

After serious binge eating and gallons of booze a clean start to the new year is in order. I love the juice cleanses that Pressed Juicery offers. Amazing results. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

byAMT x Cool Hunting Leather Strap Planter $172

byAMT x Cool Hunting ($172)

A collaboration between a favourite design site, Cool Hunting, and designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew, this chic modern planter is like none I’ve ever seen. And if you don’t have a green thumb, well, it moonlights as a basket. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Diptyque Greeting Card Set $30

Diptyque ($30)

Fans of the Parisian fragrance company will J'ADORE these patterned greeting cards. — Mat Sanders, creative director

Valleybrink Road Specialty Gift Box $100

Valleybrink Road ($100 and up)

These gift boxes for the holidays are so stunning and taste incredible. I love the selections that you can tailor to whoever you are sending to. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

Xenia Taler Copper Ray Ceramic Coaster Set $38

Xenia Taler ($38)

The perfect hostess gift, these ceramic, shimmering coasters with their Atomic Age sunburst design hold their own with or without a beverage. So pretty. —Dana Covit, market editor

Schott Zwiesel Charles Schumann Cocktail Cup $75

Schott Zwiesel ($75 for six)

I searched for months for the perfect basic and versatile cocktail coupe, and then I found it. Owning these has given me a deeper appreciation for the shaken and strained. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

BRIKA "In a Mist" print by Jane Rovers $40

BRIKA ($40)

BRIKA is a nice alternative to other online sources for great handmade artwork and décor. I especially love the graphic work of Jane Rovers, whose prints are a great value! — Mat Sanders, creative director

Mark and Graham Lacquer Rectangle Tray $69

Mark and Graham ($69 and up)

A personalised lacquer tray is a thoughtful, useful gift guaranteed to be a hit. Who couldn't use another tray? — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Parachute Sheet Set $99

Parachute ($99)

Simple, elegant, perfect! — Mat Sanders, creative director

Terrain Large Trophy Vase $148

Terrain ($148)

I love this large trophy vase. It looks gorgeous when used for a wild, English-garden arrangement and adds vintage, preppy appeal to any room. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Hudson | Grace Cast Iron Match Striker $68

Hudson | Grace ($68)

For the person who has everything, I love this dapper little match striker. Put it by the fireplace or next to a favourite candle. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Lost & Found Brazilian Soapstone Grill $75

Lost & Found ($75)

This soapstone grill can cook everything from pizza to meat and veggies, and it’s pretty enough to go straight from the oven to the table. You can even just use it as a tray! — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Cisco Home Grain Sack Pillow $195

Cisco Home Grain Sack Pillow ($195)

Cisco Home's grain sack pillows come washed and worn, so you can bring the rustic look to cosy areas of the home without sacrificing comfort. — Mat Sanders, creative director

Nate Berkus for Target Nate Berkus for Target $24

Nate Berkus for Target ($24)

Pretty much anything from the Nate Berkus for Target collection makes a covetable gift, but this white and gold laurel leaf bowl is too pretty to pass up. — Alina Gonzalez, editor

Opening Ceremony Selfie on a Stick $30

Opening Ceremony ($30)

Give the gift of shameless self-promotion! — Mat Sanders, creative director

Michele Varian Handmade Wooden Yellow Slingshot $38

Michele Varian ($38)

My sister would hate it if I gifted this stylish yellow slingshot to her young children. And so, I think I must. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Nate Berkus for Target Black and Gold Accent Table $60

Nate Berkus for Target ($60)

Help your guy add a little style to his pad with this gold-dipped side table. — Mat Sanders, creative director

TRNK Brass Hexagon Bottle Opener $44

TRNK Brass Hexagon Bottle Opener ($44)

I love the sculptural quality of this brass bottle opener. Its sleek shape would be a great addition to any bar or bar cart. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Kassatex Broderie Bath Towels

Kassatex ($)

Give the gift of a hotel-like feel with these ultra soft Broderie bath towels by Kassatex. The contrasting double-line embroidery and piping will work in virtually every bath. — Mat Sanders, creative director

ABC Carpet & Home Roulette Shot Glass $10

ABC Carpet & Home ($10)

I’m usually embarrassed to own shot glasses, but these ones are so pretty I would put them proudly on display. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Jane Heng Ceramic Ikebana Stack Vase $69

Jane Heng ($69)

This adorable stacking vase comprises of a small (secret!) storage compartment at the bottom for jewels, a middle vessel for water, and a cap with tiny dotted holes for the most delicate of stems. Totally captivating, right? — Dana Covit, market editor

Restoration Hardware Italian Leather Slip Wallet for iPhone $39

Restoration Hardware ($39 and up)

Terrain Metallic Stripe Napkin $16

Terrain ($16)

These affordable napkins are at once rustic and glamorous. Perfect any day of the week. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Jayson Home Gold Wishbone $48

Jayson Home ($48)

Who doesn't need a gold wishbone lying around the house? — Mat Sanders, creative director

Nickey Kehoe Moroccan Woven Pom Pom Placemats $80

Nickey Kehoe ($80)

I don’t think I’ve seen a cuter set of placemats. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Fort Standard Wooden Sphere Bottle Opener $18

Fort Standard ($18)

There is something comforting about the smooth, spherical shape of this bottle opener when held. Plus, it looks totally covert and sculptural on any tabletop. —Dana Covit, market editor

The Loaded Trunk Coiled Grass Hausa Basket $32

The Loaded Trunk Coiled Grass Hausa Basket ($32)

This coiled Nigerian basket is stylish on a bookshelf and would look great as a fruit bowl in a more classic, bright-white kitchen. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Alder & Co. Bibliothèque Candle $80

Alder & Co. ($80)

Gift the gift of that classic book smell with this scented candle. The fresh scent includes notes of leather, violet, and peach. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

World Market Copper Metallic Taper Candleholders $13

World Market ($13 and up)

I love the chic simplicity of these candle sticks. The copper finish is a great contrast to other metallic elements in a room. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Nickey Kehoe Gilded Cannabis Apothecary Jars $75

Nickey Kehoe ($75)

Cheeky, French, and useful too! — Mat Sanders, creative director

Rizzoli Jean-Louis Deniot: Interiors by Diane Dorrans Saeks $41

($41) by Diane Dorrans Saeks

French interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot is one of the greatest talents of the century (so far!), and I am intent on learning everything about him. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Waiting on Martha Dwell Studio Gold Menagerie $25

Waiting on Martha ($25 and up)

These sculptural gold animal figures are a great idea for a new or expectant parent to decorate a nursery. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Anthropologie Gilded Llama Print $68

Anthropologie ($68)

This fun gilded print is a wonderful contrast to more serious art. It's quirky, but would be really chic in a simple frame. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Canvas Home Solid Linen Napkin $60

Canvas Home ($60 for four)

A set of these delicate, yet casual napkins are perfect for a beautiful and useful hostess gift. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Book Stand Untitled by David Black $150

Book Stand Untitled by David Black ($150)

Part of the limited-run Summer Print Shop of LA-based Book Stand, photographer David Black's atmospheric print is a soothing meditation on colour and place. Plus, its tones are neutral enough to look stunning just about anywhere. —Dana Covit, market editor

Mjölk Jicon Porcelain Pitcher by Oji Masanori $110

Mjölk ($110)

I love the elegant simplicity of this white porcelain pitcher. Use it as a vase! — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Chairish Vintage Top Banana Brass Paperweight $149

Chairish ($149)

This funky vintage brass paperweight is just the kind of “weird” I like to have in my home. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Gramercy & Co. Snakeskin and Sterling Silver Frame $70

Gramercy & Co. ($70)

This glamorous frame swathed in grey snakeskin will inject some luxury into the simplest of spaces. Stuff the frame with a photo of you and the recipient to add a personal touch. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case $53

Mujjo ($53)

I'm always dropping my iPhone so I would love if someone bought me this case where I can stash my cards and cash. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

Map Tote Red Wine Tote $15

Map Tote ($15)

Why just give a bottle of wine when you can include this fun and thoughtful tote as well? In addition to the bottle graphic, I love that is also lists all of the different varieties of red. There's also a white wine version as well as various cities and regions. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Sun + Glory Foreigner Wall Hanging $72

Sun + Glory ($72)

Loving the minimal take on the much-addressed '70s wall-hanging trend. This would make a bare wall spring to life, without much effort at all. — Dana Covit, market editor

Pure Home Word Play Cocktail Plaque $24

Pure Home ($24)

This porcelain plaque would be great in a wet bar, a perfect gift for the life of the party. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

One Forty Three Moulded Plywood Magazine Rack $110

One Forty Three ($110)

This magazine rack is so simple yet stylish and perfectly accompanies any sofa or lounge chair. I love putting all my monthly magazines into it and scouring for the latest and greatest. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

CB2 CB2 Triumph Chalk Ottoman $100

CB2  ($100) 

This minimalist modern ottoman is so stylish. It would look good in any room, plus the recipient will be indebted to you each time they rest their legs on it. — Alina Gonzalez, editor

West Elm Wireless Bamboo Keyboard $69

West Elm ($69)

Because your fingers worked so hard this year and deserve something nice. — Mat Sanders, creative director

West Elm West Elm Mirror Glass Copper Tray $89

West Elm ($89)

Copper is having a major moment of late, and trays are such versatile gifts. People are always in need of them, whether for corralling odds and ends, to use as a makeshift bar setup, or to organise toiletries. This mirrored glass take on the trend is even cooler than basic copper. — Alina Gonzalez, editor

Coyuchi Coyuchi Organic Cotton Flannel Robe

Coyuchi ($188)

Nothing makes a better gift than something that provides the excuse (or opportunity, as I see it) to relax and indulge in some comfy at-home spa time. — Alina Gonzalez, editor

Poketo Watering Can $60

Poketo ($60)

A design-conscious watering can may not be a necessity, but it certainly feels like a worthwhile indulgence. Plus, this glossy number is so aesthetically pleasing, it can serve a dual purpose as a decorative object in your home. Win-win. —Dana Covit, market editor

JD Wolfe JD Wolfe Heart Bowls

JD Wolfe ($36) 

These gorgeous glazed ceramic bowls are handmade by a potter right here in the US of A, so you're supporting homegrown artisans with this pretty powder blue purchase. — Alina Gonzalez, editor

Kate Spade Saturday Kate Spade Saturday Small Black and White Picture Frame $30

Kate Spade Saturday ($30)

I am a sucker for anything black and white. With its fun but sophisticated colour blocking and geometric dot matte (you wouldn't even have to swap it out for a photo), this graphic number is high impact for its small size. — Alina Gonzalez, editor

West Elm West Elm Market Tote Bag Save the Drama $10

West Elm ($10)

Totes are something people repeatedly reach for, whether as a reusable shopping bag, gym carryall, or lunch bag, so they make great inexpensive gifts. This hilarious one rings in at just $10, and who wouldn't want to carry a cute and catchy "save the drama for ya llama" bag around town? Pack it with a bottle of wine and homemade caramel corn and you'll be one appreciated gift giver. — Alina Gonzalez, editor

Blue Apron A Week of Meals and Recipes $60

Blue Apron ($60 a week and up)

I've been wanting to try Blue Apron for a while now. The concept of providing pre-measured meal ingredients along with detailed recipes for a weeks worth of meals is perfect for busy professionals who still want a home cooked dinner. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Corners5 iPhone 6/6+ $40

Corners5 ($40)

This iPhone "case"—four sleek brass corners that affix to your phone—is so stylish and smart. I wish someone had thought of it sooner. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Nate Berkus for Target Nate Berkus for Target $28

Nate Berkus for Target ($28)

Another irresistable Nate Berkus for Target find: this cute, cosy, faux-fur zig-zag pillow. — Alina Gonzalez, editor

Koromiko Black Druzi Wool Blanket $180

Koromiko ($180)

With the sweetest hand-stitched detail, this hand-loomed blanket feels current yet classic (also, incredibly cosy). — Dana Covit, market editor

Soma Water Filter $49

Soma ($49)

Finally a solution to the unsightly water filter! The well-designed hourglass shape looks good enough to leave out on the table at parties, and a portion of proceeds from each purchase go to charity: water. — Mat Sanders, creative director

Sisters of Los Angeles Golden State Rocks $48

Sisters of Los Angeles ($48)

A nod to LA's "weather" for the Angeleno in your life. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Williams-Sonoma Leather-Wrapped Tire Gauge $30

Williams-Sonoma ($30)

Because everyone needs a chic leather-wrapped tire gauge. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Jayson Home Small Coopers Tray $24

Jayson Home ($24)
This chunky handwoven tray adds texture and interest to any tabletop or counter. — Liz Lynch, senior editor

Hurra Game Play TicTacToe $30

Hurra ($30)

A sophisticated evolution of the simplest game, this wooden tic-tac-toe board would be right at home on a beautifully styled coffee table. Dull moments, begone. —Dana Covit, market editor

Madewell Triple Power Card $30

Madewell ($30)

For the friend whose battery is always dying. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Kati Von Lehman Stoneware Bed Side Carafe Set $90

Kati Von Lehman ($90)

This stoneware carafe set is the type of form-meets-function object I dream of; a simply beautiful, instant heirloom. — Dana Covit, market editor

En Soie Small Gingham Vase $195

En Soie Small Gingham Vase ($195)

With 10k-infused gold glaze around the rim, this vase, handmade in Warsaw, is poured and then hand-painted, and no piece is exactly like another. Gingham has never looked more chic. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Restoration Hardware Tripod with Remote Shutter $39

Restoration Hardware ($39)

A fun toy for the professional novice mobile photographer. — Mat Sanders, creative director

Kate Spade New York Camden Pom Pom Slippers $85

Kate Spade New York ($85)

I need these slippers to walk around my house and order everyone around in. Feeling like a queen is a duty during the holidays. Put your feet up and take in the pinecone-infused air. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

Compartes x Kelly Wearstler Bijou Dark Chocolate $13

Compartes x Kelly Wearstler ($13)

Jewel-print chocolate by Kelly Wearstler. Need I say more? — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Calypso Metallized Vice Versa Pillow $175

Calypso ($175)

This pillow is simple, versatile, and glamorous—without too much flash. Perfect for any leading lady in your life. — Julia Millay Walsh, managing editor

Tom Dixon Form Jug $140

Tom Dixon ($140)
Barware is essential during this time of year and doing it stylishly with this gorgeous brass jug will get the party started. — Estee Stanley, editor at large

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