21 Gift Ideas for Men for When Socks Just Won't Cut It

Some people are simply impossible to buy for. Whether it's your who already has everything, your who doesn't know what he wants, or your partner who you've been buying gifts for for years now, it can be hard to get into their minds and come up with the perfect gift to delight and surprise them. At the same time, you know better than to revert to a pair of socks, yet another tie, or a shaving set.

Instead, we rounded up our favorite gifts that are , personal, and innovative to please just about any man (or let's be honest, ). These gifts span a wide range of personalities, from your favorite history buff to your go-to wine connoisseur. Whether the men in your life are into food, , music, or mixology, we have the perfect gift for them. Don't delay your holiday shopping any longer—here are our favorite gift ideas for men (that we also secretly want for ourselves).