Google's New Job Feature Is a Total Game Changer—Here's How to Use It

Updated 06/23/17

The   can be a real pain. Between DMing people on LinkedIn, updating your profile, setting alerts on multiple job sites, and keeping an eye on company job listings, it can feel like a logistical nightmare. Not surprisingly, Google noticed this inefficiency and set to streamline the entire process with the launch of Google for Jobs, a new career search tool that's a total game changer. 

In short, Google for Jobs leverages the search engine's algorithm and location settings to mine multiple sites and aggregate the information in one place, so you don't need to open multiple tabs on your browser. It's basically  for job hunters. Genius. 

To use it, simply type the kind of job you want into . Roll your mouse over the results to see more information about each listing and add filters according to your preferences. Click on the listing you're interested in to be taken to the source and apply there. 

Here are three reasons why you should use Google for Jobs to get ahead:

  1. Nobody will know what you're up to. . points out that Google for Jobs allows you use the function without providing an email address or personal information. So if you're curious about what another job pays or just want to snoop around at other listings, nobody's going to know. 
  2. It might give you the impetus to ask for a raise. A quick job search will reveal supply and demand in your local area. If your skills are red hot, it might be a sign you should ask for a raise or promotion at your current gig. 
  1. It could cut your commute time (and save you money). Google for Jobs is unique because it filters content based on your location. So if you hate catching the subway or sitting in traffic, you can see which jobs are close by and apply accordingly. 

Have you used Google for Jobs? Tell us how you think it compares. 

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