A Nutritionist's 3 Simple Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays (Plus 2 Recipes)


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The holidays are all about spreading cheer, joy, and being around people we love, but for many of us that also means indulging in a lot of unhealthy seasonal food, treats, and snacks. But one thing certified nutritionist and author of the blog  Gena Hamshaw wants us to ditch is the guilt or shame, especially when it comes to something that brings so much joy. After all, we need food to survive, and just the very act of enjoying your favorite dish , and that is something we all need, especially at this time of year.

But if you're looking for a few simple tips to get through this indulgent season with the least amount of guilt and the most amount of joy, then heed Hamshaw's advice below. It's as easy as bringing a healthy meal along to your next friend or family gathering. Don't forget to enjoy yourself.