8 Healthy Pasta Recipes to Make on Repeat Until Spring

We don't normally think of pasta as a "good-for-you" dish, but the truth is, it’s always good on the taste buds. And in our minds, joy counts as a wellness cure, so for that, pasta will never leave a bad taste in our mouth. Besides, it's usually the , , and  that we generously grate on that gives it a bad wrap—but what if we told you there were some healthy pasta recipes out there? There are different degrees of healthiness, but we made it a point to run the gamut.

Some recipes sub in veggie pasta for flour-based, others call for half zoodles and half noodles, and if you’re craving macaroni like crazy, you can always throw a few handfuls of lentils into your favorite pasta (they’re packed with fiber, so they’ll fill help fill you up faster). Click through to see the eight healthy pasta recipes we can’t stop talking about (or eating).