A Professional Cleaner Showed Us How to Clean Up After a Party

We spend weeks planning the perfect hoping that it will go without a hitch. The night of, candles are lit, food is prepared, glasses of wine are poured, and dance parties are started in the kitchen. The result: You wake up to broken glassware, lipstick stains, water rings, floor scuffs, and worst of all, a raging hangover. So how do you bring your house back up to snuff with minimal effort?

To learn all the best post-holiday home-cleaning tips, we tapped Jacqueline Yardan, an elite cleaner for in New York City. Having cleaned up after many eventful parties in the city that never sleeps, she knows a thing or two about what needs —and how to do it well and efficiently. Did candle wax melt all over your dining table? Is your garbage disposal smelling like 10 rats died inside? Did your bestie spill her red wine all over your new ivory carpet?

We have all the easy and unusual home cleaning tips to whip your house into shape in no time—so you can get back to watching The Holiday.

What are your best home-cleaning tips to hit the reset button after a holiday party?



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