Yes, You Can Afford Your Own Home—Here's How


If there’s one part of the American dream that’s stayed consistent over the last 50 years, it’s the desire of homeownership. While the vision of a quaint house surrounded by a white picket fence has been replaced by a modern high-rise or studio apartment, millennials still seek the same sense of stability that their grandparents and parents wanted, according to the .

Whether your homeownership dream stems from a need for independence, a , or a want to prove you’ve become an adult with a capital A, one thing’s for sure: Without the right advice, buying property can be seriously daunting. To navigate one the biggest purchases of your lifetime, we turned to financial expert Lauren Bowling of. Here’s how to do it on your own terms and turn your first home dream into a reality in five years or less.

If You Want a Home in 5 Years


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