How to Renovate Your Home From Someone Who Made All the Mistakes


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Everyone has a renovation horror story. And after finally finishing my own apartment overhaul earlier this year, I totally understand how common it can be. Contractors woo you during the walkthroughs only to do a substandard job during the gig; deadlines are missed; building issues arise out of thin air; budgets are blown; and crews disappear for days. My took about a year and a quarter to complete, with a good five months of inactivity while we were between two sets of contractors. While I was in the thick of it, I thought our trials and tribulations would never end, but now that the job is finally complete and I get to walk through an apartment every day that I truly love, I know it was one of the best learning—and rewarding—opportunities I’ve ever had. Would I have done it differently if I could? Of course (there were a lot of rookie mistakes). So, to be the good Samaritan and help you avoid some of them, here are the top five things I wish I knew before starting a .