This Is How You Eradicate Clutter Once and for All

We all know that (even though ) not to mention our , but with the busy lifestyles we lead, who has the time? According to organizational expert , you need to adopt the “do it as you go” approach (that’s ) and “edit, edit, edit.” If you think this sounds like a chore, Waters says you have to change your psychology around it and instead “think of organizing as an active sport.” She adds, “Organizing is not the same thing as cleaning; it’s about editing your inventory down to a minimal list of items that you love and use on a daily basis.”

Before you embark on your , we tapped Waters for a comprehensive step-by-step approach, along with her favorite storage solutions, for every room of the house. If you’re starting from scratch (and feeling a little overwhelmed at how much there is to clear), we recommend tackling one room at a time. Good luck!