Snap Out of Winter Hibernation With One Science-Backed Happiness Hack

Updated 02/03/17
how to laugh more
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We've all heard that laughter is the best medicine. But it's a limited resource when the cold weather inspires us to lock ourselves indoors and facedown on a heating vent until the groundhog says it's safe to stop hibernating… (: He predicts six more weeks.) Jokes aside, the winter chill can prevent social interactions and outdoor activities, reducing our exposure to human connections and natural light, which we rely on for  production. To get those feel-good chemicals flowing, suggests .

And a study on suffering from depression confirms that laughter releases anxiety-fighting neurotransmitters. Get in on the fun and combat the winter woes with our below.

Try a Laughing Yoga Class

Yes, you read that correctly.  is spreading happiness, peace, and health, one guided class at a time. 

Phone a Friend

If you don't want to leave your warm cocoon of a bed, call a friend who shares your sense of humor and laugh it out. A feeling of camaraderie can do wonders since . Or if you're at the office, invite a like-minded coworker on a trip to the water cooler for comedy hour. Feeling thoroughly anti-social? Read a funny book like  by Sloane Crosley. 

Utilize Your Social Feeds

Scroll through Instagram for funny memes and humorous illustrations. That may sound trite, but the right  around. In a similar vein, try watching bloopers on YouTube or watch videos of hilarious kids. Remember "?" Refresh your memory and develop hiccups.

Fake It 'Til You Make It

None of these tactics putting a smile on your face? Go somewhere private and fake cackle your heart out. The absurdity of the situation just may trigger a genuine laugh. And if it doesn't,  bodies release the mood-boosting chemicals regardless of whether your laugh is genuine or phony. So even if your laugh isn't authentic, your resulting improvement in mood will be. 

While laughter may relieve dips in mood and lift your spirits through serotonin production, consider  if you're suffering from Depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). 

Spread the good cheer by sharing your favorite funny social media accounts below! 

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