Classic Margaritas Are Just the Start—6 Tasty Ingredients You've Never Tried

Arguably the best sidekick to any  feast, the margarita has been a fan favorite for as long as we can remember. Salt, lime, and tequila may be  staples, but there are so many other game-changing ingredients that vary from the tried-and-true lime margarita you know and love. With summer hanging in the air, it’s time to try out some new twists on this classic cocktail with the very best margarita ingredients.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up a few tasty concoctions to show you how to make next-level margaritas that use fresh produce, spices, and  in the most unexpected ways. Whether you like your cocktails, spicey, smokey, or fruity, there's a combination of margarita ingredients that's just right for your palate. These signature cocktails will have everyone buzzing—pardon the pun—at your next gathering. Find out the best margarita ingredients that will kick your homemade cocktails up a notch (and what to pair each drink with).

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