A Must-Try Marble DIY

drying-rack-0389-md110796_horiz If you haven't heard, . While there's plenty of marbleized accessories and prints out there on the market to choose from, sometimes we just want something a little more perfect for our own homes. Enter the art of DIY: if you can't buy it, make it. Martha Stewart Living is teaching us to tackle , which can be applied to paper, fabric, and even leather, and better yet, the project is simpler than you'd imagine. After dropping paint onto several spots of a tray in various colors, you'll drag a stirrer through the paint to add swirls and create one-of-a-kind designs. "You have to embrace the surprise," says crafts editor Silke Stoddard. Once you've developed a pattern, you'll lay your fabric or paper down to saturate it, and then gently remove it. We know what we're doing next weekend.
paper-coasters-with-glasses-0056-md110796_sq loveseat-with-3-pillows-0136-mmd110796_sq
Head to to give it a whirl. Photographs: Ryan Liebe