How to Set a Table for Any Occasion



If there’s anything we’ve learned from the French—other than how to drink Burgundy wine and —it’s that we should never forgo setting a proper table. TV dinners are simply not acceptable across the pond, and even the simplest family meal is graced with linen napkins, proper glassware, and flickering candlelight at the very least—no paper towels or generic condiment bottles allowed. Fortunately, setting up for a casual dinner should still never take more than five minutes if you have all the essentials at hand, and if you master the process, elevating your setting for a more formal affair will become second nature. You might even find yourself styling elaborate formal tables without batting an eyelash before your guests have even RSVP’d.

Whether your occasion calls for pressed linens and cut crystal or you’re simply hunkering down for a family-style affair of the most laid-back variety, we’ve got you covered. Your level of formality should never require skimping on style. Ready to set your best dinner table yet? Follow these simple steps to elevate every meal.

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