3 Ideas for Styling a Mantlepiece

_promo (49) Q. Can you share some tips on styling a mantle? When I style a mantle, I think it's important to consider the aesthetic of the space. In both formal and informal settings the mantle acts as a key focal point. It's a defining moment in a room, and you shouldn't be afraid to make a statement. Whether hanging a favorite piece of or displaying your collection of , use the mantlepiece as an opportunity to create a striking vignette.
Layer It On: Layering is an extremely effective way to add dimension and interest to your mantle. This can be achieved by placing various sized artwork or photographs in , slightly overlapping each other, leaning against the wall. Add in in varying heights to create the aforementioned dimension and keep the eye moving. Showcase A Collection: If you've amassed a collection of one type of decorative accessory, a mantlepiece is an excellent way to show it off. A series of , , or create a striking visual composition when displayed together. Make A Statement: Another direction that takes a more minimalistic approach would be to display one statement wall accessory such as a or unconventional . placed on either side help frame and highlight the importance of the space and will create a stunning vignette. Keep the rest of the mantlepiece accessory and clutter-free to keep the focus on your statement piece. Have you created a striking mantle display? Show us on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #OurDomaine. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Mark D Sikes.

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