Heartbroken? A Psychology Coach Says to Do This One Thing After a Breakup

No matter how long or short you've been in a relationship with someone,  are never easy. After all, you entered the partnership for a reason, you made yourself vulnerable, you formed strong bonds together—all things that are hard to let go. But most importantly, you exited the relationship for a reason, too—and how you move on from heartbreak can have an influence on what the future holds. Sure, it may be tempting to give up on life, hole yourself up with a tub of Ben & Jerry's and the entire Adele discography (and it's okay to do that—for a day, not a month), but making the most of your vulnerability post-breakup will ultimately help you heal better and faster.

The silver lining of breakups are the learning experiences you make along the way—and the knowledge that better things are yet to come. Whatever your issues were in the relationship—hostile arguments, broken trust, deep-rooted jealousy, —can be put in the past to make space for . To figure out how to make the most of a difficult breakup, we tapped Lisa Cypers Kamen, psychology coach, happiness expert, and author of the book Have you recently experienced heartbreak? A happiness expert teaches us how to survive a breakup, and how to get back to being happy. 

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