Inside Iggy Azalea's Newly Redecorated Home


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Iggy Azalea might be known for her unapologetic rap lyrics and bold sense of style, but a glance at the singer's Instagram feed reveals an unexpected side of the star. It appears the 26-year-old has a new-found appreciation for interior design and is in the process of redecorating her California home. 

Azalea purchased the from Selena Gomez for $3.45 million in 2014, and has recently decided it needs a fresh look,  reports. The singer took to social media to share her excitement about redesigning the space, saying, "Is it weird I'm 9/10 level excited about these drapes? I've subjected everyone I know to text messages about them as if they were a new puppy." Take a peek at some of the images Iggy Azalea has shared of her redecorating efforts so far.


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Azalea's two dogs, Jelli and Space Jam, flank a bespoke door mat at the entrance of the home.


Saved it from my last tour.

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A pink neon sign from the singer's recent tour adorns the wall, atop gray malachite-inspired wallpaper. 


Got all the light fixtures put in my new place today and it's starting to come together and look like home. ????

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The star's taste for sparkle extends beyond her wardrobe, to a statement chandelier in the living room. 


Back on it with the succulents.

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Green accents dot the Californian home, including easy-to-care-for succulents. 

Azalea muses about her excitement when new home décor purchases arrive, such as these , which match the neutral color scheme. We can't wait to see the finished look!