We're Overly Excited About IKEA's New Understated Line

IKEA has announced its latest collection, , which is a labor of love from the popular Scandinavian glass designer and ceramicist  and IKEA designers Nike Karlsson and Wiebke Braasch. The line, which launches May 23, is every minimalist's dream, and its understated yet thorough craftsmanship shines through in each piece. Råman described the collection—a mix furniture, baskets, rugs, lamps, and bowls in various sizes—saying,“This collection is about craft, it's a project between the craftsmen and the designer. It has a lot of energy. And looking at the objects now—the things we did—for me, it represents love."

The mix of natural fiber, bamboo, ceramic, and glass pieces stick to a neutral color palette with a sensible approach to each handmade design. VIKTIGT as a whole adds interest to ordinary objects through the exceptional thought given to each item, from a simple water pitcher to comfortable furniture meant to evoke the desire to sit down. 

Scroll down to view more from IKEA's latest line and pick out the pieces you'll purchase come May 23.

What are your thoughts on IKEA's latest collaboration? Are you anxious to shop it when it's released on May 23?