Hands Down the 7 Chicest IKEA Kitchen Cabinets We've Ever Seen

Updated 12/01/16
IKEA Kitchen Cabinets
Nicole Franzen

If there's one piece that every kitchen needs, it's an IKEA kitchen cabinet. Why? As the heart of your home, your  is where you celebrate the art of cooking (and eating) for your family gatherings and dinner parties. It's where some of your fondest memories are made. With so many people frequenting this space (often multiple times a day), it can also become a clutter trap for bills, keys, and strange knickknacks. But we have a solution, or at least our favorite Scandinavian store does.

 kitchen cabinets are the epitome of form meets function (and fashion). By tucking things away in their drawers and shelves, you can keep countertops clean and only display what deserves to be seen. Whether you're planning an entire  or a simple , IKEA kitchen cabinets are the ultimate . To ease your shopping experience, we found the best kitchen cabinets so you don't have to make the trek (no getting lost in the maze of furniture and here).

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets
IKEA Hemnes Glass-Door Cabinet $320

The glass cabinet allows you to put your plates on display while also protecting your goods. It's optimal if your plating is stylish, and the casual wood finish makes it perfect for a shabby-chic or rustic environment.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets
IKEA Tutemo Open Cabinet $40

This cabinet doesn't have a door, so it's another good option for open storage if you want to put the spotlight on your dishes. With a glossy finish and matte black interiors, this is as chic as it gets when it comes to kitchen cabinets. It's also a great place to stack up all of your favorite foodie magazines and cookbooks. 

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets
IKEA Sektion Wall Cabinet With Glass Doors $244

This is a highly practical cabinet option as it features two drawers as well as two shelves, giving you ample space for all your extra pieces. It's equally versatile as it is useful since it'll fit in well with just about any aesthetic. 

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets
IKEA Sektion Wall Cabinet $161

We love the light wash of these wood doors. This cabinet will create a bright, clean, and homey feel to your kitchen without being overpowering. And with adjustable shelves, you can rearrange and stay organized however you wish. This staple is sure to meet all of your kitchen needs.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets
IKEA Sektion High Cabinet for Microwave $518

A casually sleek storage option, this tall cabinet unit hides away unused serveware and other kitchen essentials. The black façade is ideal if you're working with a moodier color scheme in the kitchen. And in even better news, the doors open seamlessly and quietly… No slamming allowed. Plus, this one offers you an extra little nook for your microwave or toaster oven. 

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets
IKEA Sektion High Cabinet $509

 everything. As you probably already know, we love fresh and bright rooms… especially kitchens. If you agree with us, then this IKEA kitchen cabinet is the match for you. It has so many places to store your things away, so you can keep those countertops clean. 

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets
IKEA Sektion High Oven Cabinet $510

We're really digging the gray tones in this shelving unit. It also allows you to store prettier pieces in the open shelves and tuck away the ones you use less often (in addition to those that get fewer compliments from guests). The bottom drawer also offers extra room for kitchen accessories, old recipes, and textiles. 

Share your favorite IKEA kitchen cabinets below, and feel free to add to the list if you love any others you didn't see in our roundup. 

Anthropologie Antler Melody Knob $14
Rejuvenation Stella Concrete Cabinet Knob $18

Golf ball or disco ball? Either way, it's a win-win. For a more rustic look, try materials like concrete or raw wood. 

Anthropologie Telescope Knob $10
Rejuvenation Dyer Cabinet Knob $15
Waterworks Dorland Hammered Pull $354

There's nothing cooler than pounded metal when it comes to hardware. 

Modshop Square Lucite and Brass Bar Pull $96

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