Every Home Office Needs This Stylish IKEA Staple

Updated 04/25/19

With the in the U.S officially on the rise, more of us are to "opt out." In fact, , giving way to a new, multipurpose interior design style called the work/live space—famed illustrator The Cartorialist showed us . Thanks to advances in technology (and the cloud), the traditional office has been distorted with and a drifting desk mentality.

So if you're going to bring the office back home and dedicate a significant portion of your personal space to the professional, you might as well make it stylish. Right? This is where our favorite piece comes into play: the humble IKEA trestle. Its straightforward design is anything but simple, and we guarantee it works hard for little money. Every home office needs this practical workhorse. Scroll down to see some of our favorite ways to incorporate the table at home and shop the look.

IKEA Office Design
Sara Medina Lind for Lenca Properties ; STYLING: Pella Hedeby

Sleek and Minimal

rates high on our lust list (it's up there with the French) and the minimal look is a perfect match for the home office too. This look is conducive to productivity. ( would approve.)

IKEA Linnmon/Lerberg Trestle Table $60

We love the slim, slightly curved legs of this trestle. Uncomplicated and cool.

IKEA Linnmon/Oddvald $60

If you prefer a minimal look, opt for the all-black trestle. This table means business. 

office design ideas—IKEA
Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf

Feminine and Glam

Inject some femininity into your home office with gold touches and a hint of pink, just like . To redesign the space, the agency tapped Laurel & Wolf, which blended the IKEA trestle among the luxe accents with ease. 

IKEA Linnmon/Finnvard $110

If you're going for the glam vibe, opt for warm neutrals like this timber and white trestle. The gold will add a touch of opulence.

IKEA Gerton/Lerberg $120

For that minimal look, opt for this sleeker version with slim black legs. 

IKEA trestle
Courtesy of Homepolish ; STYLING: Casey DeBois

Small and Artsy

We understand the many trails that come with , but there are a few you can use to squeeze in a home office without compromising on taste. Editing is key. Keep it simple with an IKEA trestle, adding a pop of color for visual interest like Homepolish designer  did here.

IKEA Glassholm/Finnvard $160

Stick a glass top on your trestle to open up the room.

IKEA Glasholm/Lerberg $110

This glass-topped trestle will be the black beauty in the room. 

This post was originally published on September 19, 2016, and has since been updated.

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