7 Weird Americanisms We Learned From Ikea

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With their freakish good looks, we thought Swedes were weird, but it turns out Americans are even stranger. Swedish furniture megastore Ikea recently to get to know the lives of Americans at home, and its findings not only surprised us, but they made us realize we're a weird bunch of homemakers. Here are some odd things the report revealed:
  • Only 1% want their home to reflect how successful they have been.
  • 62% say they control the remote over their significant other, children, friends, or others.
  • 43% state they have assigned seating in their living room.
  • 52% of households allow phone calls and/or texting during dinner.
  • 31% sleep with their cat or dog under the covers.
  • 54% use the space under their bed as extra storage.
  • Women spend more time enjoying their outdoor living areas than men do.
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