These 9 Kick-Ass Quotes Are the Motivation You Need Right Now

What's your guaranteed pick-me-up when you're feeling low or uninspired? How do you overcome life's toughest moments and keep moving forward when the world is willing you down? A successful remedy we often turn to is . This simple act of can help quell and provide much-needed guidance in times of uncertainty. When we can't summon our own, we turn to the moving prose and words of wisdom from and to motivate and inspire us.

From enhancing your career and to navigating life's hurdles and , these will boost your morale, we promise. Just the simple act of chanting these phrases (or writing them down on a sticky note to view at a glance) is an instant jolt of confidence and strength when you need it most. And let's face it, in this political climate, we all could do with a dose of happiness and positivity right now.

In honor of these inspiring minds, we compiled nine of our favorite  that will not only empower you, but they will also provide a metaphorical torch to light the way.