Get Plugged In: The New Cookbook

While the iPad comes in handy for playing Candy Crush and trolling Tinder on a big screen, we're big fans of how the portable device puts an endless wealth of knowledge right at our fingertips--especially in the kitchen. With a whole host of recipes digitally dog-eared on our Pinterest page, email, and to-do list, we love the idea of a tool that makes our master-chef dreams a reality. We've picked out 15 kitchen-friendly iPad stands that will keep your tablet propped, charged, lit, and displaying everything from the fussiest French soufflé recipe to a YouTube tutorial on how to boil water.
Metallic Skull Tablet Stand, $140, Wood iPad Stand, $129, Smart Tools for iPad, $200,
iPad Stand, $50, Pop-up Cookbook Holder, $25, Rustic Wood iPad Stand, $35,
Tablet Cookbook Stand, $21, Padfoot, $25, Belkin Fridge Mount, $35,