30 Items I'm Tossing Before December 30

Updated 05/06/19
Fantastic Frank

Earlier this year, I moved into a new apartment with just two suitcases of clothes and a few essentials. Fast-forward to the present day, and I've somehow accumulated closets full of stuff: piles of dog-eared magazines, candles that are on their last leg, and kitchen tools I'll probably never use.

There's nothing wrong with accumulated items you love, but studies suggest that hoarding possessions can have a surprising psychological effect. "Clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli, causing our senses to work overtime on stimuli that aren't necessary or important," says psychologist and author Sherrie Bourg Carter, in an article for Psychology Today. "Clutter constantly signals to our brains that our work is never done … [and] makes it more difficult to relax, both physically and mentally."

With the holidays ahead and end-of-year deadlines ramping up, I've decided to tackle the clutter in my home now, before the New Year. That way, I can start 2018 with a calm mind and a clean home and focus on the resolutions that matter most. Here are the 30 items I'm tossing, recycling, and donating by December 30. Who's with me?

What to Ditch


1. Kitchen gadgets you haven't used in a year

2. Cookbooks that don't excite you anymore

3. Chipped dinnerware

4. Unnecessary duplicates (you probably don't need 10 mugs)

5. Old cleaning supplies

6. Stained dish towels

Living Room:

7. Candles you haven't used in months

8. Old magazines and newspapers

9. Worn or stained throws

10. Unframed art (buy a frame or donate it!)

11. Sad succulents that bore the brunt of your black thumb

12. Remotes that don't match a device


13. Discolored white sheets

14. Pillowcases that aren't part of a set

15. Old, stained pillow inserts (try these instead)

16. Wire coathangers from the dry cleaners

17. Scuffed or tired shoes that can't be repaired

18. Clothes that don't fit anymore


19. Worn-out bathmats that can't be revived

20. The toilet brush—it's worth replacing at least annually

21. Out-of-date medicine

22. Beauty products you haven't used a year

23. Old razors

24. Stray hair elastics that have stretched out


25. Chargers and cords for products you no longer use

26. Dated clothes you haven't worn in years

27. Receipts and paperwork that could be scanned and stored on a hard drive

28. Exercise equipment that's gathering dust

29. CDs and DVDs

30. Half-filled storage boxes—consolidate them, and toss any leftover

What to Buy

Parachute Linen Venice Set $399
Dyson Dyson V8 Absolute $600 $550
Women's rubber-coated clip clothes hanger
Perigot Rubber-Coated Clip Clothes Hanger $28
Williams-Sonoma All-Purpose Cleaner
Williams Sonoma All-Purpose Cleaner $14
Ahoy Bath Mat
Serena and Lily Ahoy Bath Mat $48
Pot Brush
Burstenhaus Redecker Pot Brush $6
Galvanized Rolling Cart
Pottery Barn Galvanized Rolling Cart $249
Lint Free Cleaning Cloths
The Laundress Lint Free Cleaning Cloths $20 $18
Snowe Home Chef's Towel Set $32

What would you add to this list?

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