This Is the Secret to a Chic Dinner Party


Charley Gallay/ for 

When it comes to taste, has it in spades. The television personality and interior designer (who’s married to the equally talented celebrity designer ) has a knack for creating truly luxurious yet livable homes, but his palette extends beyond stylish spaces. Turns out Brent is also an avid entertainer (and maker) and recently joined forces with to design and host its Collection de Voyages, where he displayed his passion for crafting spectacular soirées.

Designing the ultimate dinner party isn’t just about a pretty tablescape, although that’s certainly important. “When designing, whether it’s a living room, an event space, or a tablescape, I always want guests to feel as though they are part of an experience,” Brent tells MyDomaine. In this exclusive chat, he shares his pro tips and favorite to help you up your game.