Kim Kardashian West's Personal Organizer Reveals Her Go-To Tips


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The Kardashian sisters have no qualms about sharing their family traditions, personal struggles, and romantic relationships with the world—and their many organizational quirks are no different. From to , the family is just as well known for their organizational eccentricities as for their reality TV empire. Now, Kim Kardashian West is exposing some organizational idiosyncrasies of her own. Thanks to Mary Astadourian and Jennifer Dynoff of , the personal organizers Kim shares with Kanye West, you can now organize your workspace the Kimye way.

Astadourian and Dynoff recommend clearing away everything to start, giving yourself a blank canvas to work from. Next, the duo suggests you “start with your fingertips,” or organize your space according to what you use most. This includes filing away old stuff you no longer use, sorting new items into file cabinets, and putting smaller accessories into transparent boxes. Finally, the Details Organizing co-founders advise leaving all personal touches—like wall art and framed family photographs—until the very end. : Go higher to get more space. “If you don’t have a lot of surface space to work with, create shelves above your work area. Height is an under-utilized asset (think Manhattan rather than Los Angeles).”

for the full list of tips, and for a pristine home office.