Dream Date: Vintage Shopping with Kourtney Kardashian

_2 Vintage shopping with Kourtney Kardashian is like antiquing with your best friend -- that is, if your best friend happens to travel with a 12-person camera crew and asks you to wear a body mic. That also means that your every musing over whether or not that '90s lacquered figurative jaguar would look good in her might be documented for her hit reality television show, , which is currently in its ninth season on E!. "I'm trying to convince Khloe to let me decorate her house. I am going to convince her," Kardashian tells Domaine's Editorial Director Mat Sanders while shopping at Los Angeles vintage treasure trove, . The casual familiarity with which she navigates the filled-to-the-rafters shop -- combined with her extensive knowledge and interest in design (did she just ask if that drum table is by ?) -- makes keeping up with this Kardashian a dream. _3 "Growing up, my parents were really into interior design," Kardashian says, regarding her early interest in décor. " decorated our house and filled it with so many incredible pieces by designers like and . It was true '80s amazingness." Even in this childhood home, early incarnations of the signature KUWTK aesthetic -- think pattern-on-pattern and textural playfulness -- could be seen in her mother Kris' bold design choices. "My parents' whole bedroom was done in this wild floral print," Kardashian says. "From the wallpaper to the bedding fabric, everything was the same, and it was crazy." _1 Having just for sale -- the one partner Scott Disick candidly calls "Alice and Wonderland meets Beetlejuice" -- Kardashian hopes to decorate her new 11,746-square-foot contemporary Spanish-style pad with more serene surroundings. "For my next house, I want the complete opposite," she says. "No prints, no wallpaper, no color. I want the vibe to be like Something's Gotta Give with a little thrown in." , if your decorator is reading this, it might be time to pick up the phone. "I've met with some designers, but I'm still trying to finalize everything," Kardashian says. "If I don't pick soon, it'll never get done." Read on for Kardashian's expert advice on shopping vintage home décor, and peruse her picks from her favorite L.A. vintage hot spots below. _new 1. Shop With a Trusted Consort "Bring someone to bounce things off of for a second opinion. I usually bring by best friend Joyce or second cousin CiCi. It's important to shop with someone who knows your house and style. I've brought Scott vintage shopping before, and he'll never come again; he really does not like it." 2. Take Photos For Reference "If you know you love it, just buy it, because it could be gone. If you are on the fence, take tons of pictures. If you find yourself obsessing and thinking about it after, call immediately and put it on hold or have it delivered." 3. Act On Impulse "I wish I was better at haggling, but I'm really not. If I don't care about something, I can walk away from it. But if I want something, I'm no good at haggling because I'm so afraid I'll lose it! Once, Khloe came with me and I said I'd get her the best deal. '$200 for these two marble lions? I'll give you $180.' They said no." 4. Always Buy Good Mirrors "Is there such a thing as too many mirrors?" 5. Avoid These Three Vintage Don'ts

"Taxidermy: I'm not into it." "Lucite: Avoid vintage Lucite if it's too beat up or scratched. It always looks best new." "Fixer-uppers: New paint or reupholstery are one thing, but if a piece needs too much work, like a new leg or a glass top, I know I'll never get around to it."

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