PSA: This Is What Foodies Make With Their Leftover Turkey

Right about now, you may be deep in a food coma that only a post- morning can provide. You may be staring at the obscene amount of in the fridge and telling yourself "I will never eat again," but mark our words—you will get hungry. Because food-coma hunger strikes more unexpectedly than any other type, our advice to you is this: Prepare yourself. But there's good news as well. While others might be watching football or holiday movies, napping, or playing outside, you have all the time in the world to try your hand at a —one that could take 30 minutes or three hours to make, and one that will taste nothing like the leftovers you just used to make it.

Once the whole house is fragrant with that wonderful cooking smell, the entire family will emerge, finally hungry, from their food coma. Do you want to transform your Thanksgiving turkey into Mexican or a Vietnamese pho? Are you craving soup or fried rice? Put your apron back on—we found the best leftover turkey recipes you need today.

And now, five  for lazy winter days.

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