Easy Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Account


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

When was the last time you ? If you’re like many of the social network's , there’s a chance you’ve barely scratched the surface of LinkedIn’s potential. If remedying this is not a priority, it should be. A recent study reveals a massive while almost half use it to approach job hunters. In other words, an underutilized profile could cost you the job.

Where to start? We called on social media expert and to find out how to supercharge your profile in under an hour. With just a few simple expert-informed tweaks, you could score your next big career break. After all, people who regularly update their account are 18 times more likely to be found in searches by recruiters and members. Your next career move starts here.


Maintaining a relevant list of skills isn't just important to show recruiters your value; it's also a vital tool to boost the visibility of your profile. Aim to list at least five key skills; members with five or more .

Be sure to order them according to what strengths you'd like to be known for, too. Fisher explains, “LinkedIn will do the rest by targeting endorsers for those top skills you’ve prioritized, and the more endorsements you have for your skills, the higher you rank in search results.”