7 Vacation Essentials So Luxe, Even Coach Will Feel Like First Class

In old movies,  is often romanticized and made to look like a wildly luxurious experience. Today, braving the airport (and all its ) tends to feel more like a chore than anything else. You have to wait in line at security, walk what feels like a mile to your gate, and sit by the terminal with hoards of other travelers until the wondrous moment when it's finally time to board. Only then can the real fun of blasting air conditioning, crying children, and kicked seats begin.

Unless you have the luxury of flying first class, this scenario probably sounds quite familiar. However, even if  doesn't yet allow for you to splurge on airfare, there's no reason you can't invest in a few high-end travel essentials to make the experience more enjoyable. In fact, with the right in-flight accessories, even the middle seat on an international flight can feel like a relaxing afternoon at the spa. Ahead, shop seven travel essentials that will upgrade you straight to first class.