Making Waves:
Surfboards As Decor

We're big fans of the sports-equipment-as-decoration trend, and surfboards just might top our list of favourite multi-purpose props. The best part is, this genre caters to every brand of connoisseur: from the clotheshorse, who demands the best (and the best means ), to the graphic-minded aesthete, who won't settle for anything less than a local craftsmen à la , to the art collector--see: Richard Prince for . Try your board leaning against a wall for easy access (if you ride the thing) and a casual, no-fuss focal point; mounted for a one-stop-shop solution to that glaring blank surface; or as a coffee table--because, why not?
New 6' Ranger Surfboard, $895,  7' Travis Reynolds Egg Surfboard, $800,
Richard Philips Surfboard, $2000, Bicolor Surfboard, Price Available Upon Request,
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