We Tested All the Direct-to-Consumer Mattresses—Here's the Best One

Mattresses often fall to the bottom of the priority list when decorating our homes. When we're young, we spend years sleeping on hand-me-down mattresses brought from our childhood homes or left behind by old roommates. Unlike other home purchases like bedding, sofas, and rugs, a  is something you seldom see—which makes the shopping underwhelming. In a sense, shopping for a mattress is a little like shopping for a washer/dryer that will be hidden in a closet—you'll never look at it, but you want it to do the job right.

While we spend a large part of our 20s essentially ignoring the importance of a good mattress, there usually comes a breaking point. Maybe it's due to intense chronic back pain, or a particularly comfortable night at a five-star hotel, but it usually comes as a revelation: Yes, it is possible to have a good night's sleep and wake up feeling great—and it has more to do with our mattress than waking up sans hangover. But unlike other large purchases where you can see the quality of the wood or feel the softness of the fabrics, mattresses all come perfectly packaged, their quality securely sealed beyond what eyes can see.

A new crop of mattress-in-a-box companies is hoping to change the way we  for the perfect night's sleep. Instead of awkwardly lying down in large mattress showrooms, we now —with the promise of easy return if we're not entirely satisfied. To help guide your search for the perfect mattress, our editors tested all the direct-to-consumer mattresses and reviewed every last detail on a scale of one to five. Ready to take the leap to a brand-new mattress? Read each of these in-depth mattress reviews carefully—your best sleep ever awaits.

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