Is Minimalism Officially Over? This Trending Style Says Yes

 has reigned supreme in recent years thanks to its effortlessly chic, Marie Kondo-approved sensibility. But we're excited to see a brighter, louder, bolder interior design style enter the space. Maximalism is here and it refuses to be ignored.

Compared to minimalism,  is an explosion of colors, patterns, textures, and styles. Although upon first glance it may seem like a cluttered, eclectic combination of mismatched décor, the style is far from random. When done correctly, a maximalist space remains cohesive and comfortable—it's just not afraid to experiment with bold hues, unique art, and a variety of styles. The result is an interior that feels collected, lived in, and full of eye-catching objects.

This might be precisely the reason maximalism has been on the rise as an . "I think creating spaces that feel collected has always been on trend," says Abbe Fenimore, interior designer and founder of . "But I am seeing maximalism emerge more now," she continues. Specifically, she notes that more and more people are utilizing wall art to create maximalist spaces, along with vintage pieces, unique objects, and a variety of colors and textures with a "more is more" mindset.

"If you are a minimalist, it could be overwhelming to you," Fenimore admits. The one key factor to keep in mind in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed, according to the designer, is organization. "[It's] key when incorporating multiple groupings, especially with so much going on visually," she says.

Get inspired to brighten up your home with a more experimental design style and take note of Fenimore's tried and true tips for nailing the maximalist look below.