This OTT Decor Trend Is Making a Comeback—and I Don't Hate It

If you prefer the crisp white walls, muted color palates, and understated décor of , avert your eyes. Those with a penchant for experimental colors, bold patterns, and unexpected textures are breathing new life into the OTT (over the top) . While it's never clear which styles will stand the test of time and which will change with the seasons, Jessica McCarthy, creative director of , predicts that maximalism is just getting started (and I'm all for it).

"Minimalism has been all the rage for the past decade, so naturally I think everyone is ready for something new," the interior design expert says. A far cry from minimalism, maximalist décor follows a more-is-more approach to design, according to McCarthy. Although similar to the popular , which calls for the mixing of different design styles, maximalism is about how you mix the décor. "You can be eclectic but still have a minimalistic way of styling your space," she explains. "Maximalism is all about mixing styles with colors, patterns, and textures to create something over the top and a bit eccentric."

Ready to break all the rules you thought you knew about ? Here are five ways to incorporate maximalist décor into your home, according to McCarthy.