10 Modern Wedding Cakes to Rival What They Served at the Royal Wedding

When it comes to planning a , arguably the best places to start is with a theme. That way, you can carefully select the most important elements—the dress, , the food, and the music—based on one unifying aspect of the ceremony and reception. If you've opted to forgo the traditional and plan a modern wedding, you'll need a cake that follows suit as well.

"Modern often embrace details you wouldn't expect to see on a cake at all," explains Angela Hamilton, editor at the wedding inspiration hub . Unexpected modern details can be anything from graphic elements and bold colors to hand-painted designs and trending flowers that deter from the traditional three-tiered buttermilk frosting culinary creations of the past.

Just be sure to communicate your one-of-a-kind vision to your cake designer to get the look you're dreaming off, Hamilton advises. In order to fine-tune your desired look for the big day, take a look at these stunning modern wedding cakes to inspire your own showstopping creation.



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