These 18 Motivational Quotes for New Year's Will Start 2019 With a Bang

Well, it's finally here. The is upon us. We're not sure how it happened though. It's as though we blinked on December 31, 2017, and when our eyes opened, 2018 was over. But don't let that fleeting feeling take away your power. Our lives are running at a frenetic pace and it feels like there's no time to slow down and take it all in, so that's why we're urging you now to take stock, settle in, be mindful as you sip a cup of cocoa and prepare yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, physiologically for the year ahead.

Yes, 2019 is yours for the taking. Whether you're chasing big dreams, want to be the best version of yourself, or just keep up the status quo, a dose of inspiration can go a long way. We collected some of our favorite to help you get to that place of power from inspiring people from across the decades—leaders in change who proved that anything is possible. As you're thinking about the year ahead, what you aspire to be or do, here are their messages of encouragement we all need.