Nanette Lepore Launches a Home Collection

As soon as  finished decorating her West Village townhouse, with help from pal , she was instantly looking for the next home décor project. "I was so excited when we were finishing. But then once we were actually done, I was so sad. I wanted to keep playing." Lepore, the celebrated womenswear designer, has done just that by creating her own line of home products. "Villa" launches today and is her collection of bedding, pillows, and rugs, all done in the bold colors and patterns she has become known for sending down the runway. "I love anything that makes me feel like a gypsy."

The collection's textiles may seem very familiar if you've followed Lepore's fashion career, "Everything is pulled from something we've done one time or another." Lepore isn't only bringing the same textile designs from the runway to her home collection, but also the same attention to detail. She is known for manufacturing most of her clothing in America, which few designers are doing anymore, and having a say in every stitch and seam. The home collection is no different, "Everything passed through me and my team. At the midpoint we were seeing actual product, deciding what should be embroidered and what shouldn't, and generally reworking things in our studio." The finished products come at a perfect time for a Spring, "It's so dreary here in New York I can't wait to update my house with new bedding and pillows." And if you think Lepore will just sprinkle in a few items into her place, you're mistaken. "I'm going to call and make sure there is one of everything for me as soon as this interview is over." Perhaps her townhouse isn't finished after all.

Villa Botanical Porcelain Pillow, $50, Villa Paisley Medallion Pillow, $70, Villa Paisley Medallion Pillow, $70,
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