It's Official: These Are the New Emoji of 2016


With the approval of 72 brand-new emoji comes the life-changing revelation that you, too, can design your own emoji character.

The , also known as a squad of California-based engineers with a lot of time on their hands, recently released a list of new emoji. The list includes a "stayin' alive" figure, a "hand with crossed fingers" and the obvious—an "arm taking a selfie."

But the engineers didn't reveal everything all at once. They postponed the release of the "dumpling," the "fortune cookie," and the "face with one eyebrow raised," .



While we now have the "vomiting face," the "facepalm," and four different highly-detailed renditions of a pickle (thanks, we get it), the have yet to be approved. As it currently stands, women are depicted as princesses, salsa dancers, or permanently at the salon.

Thankfully, emoji-crafting is a democracy, not a dictatorship. The Unicode Consortium has since opened the suggestion box to the public, believing that everyone should have a say in which emoji populate their phone screens.

"A lot of people are surprised that anyone can propose an emoji," said Unicode Consortium President Mark Davis . Davis is one of the 11 engineers that pay $18,000 a year for exclusive emoji-voting privileges. "We were taken a bit surprised by how quickly it developed."

Let us know which emoji your phone needs, and shop a durable cover below.