How to Survive the 90-Day Trial Period at Your New Job

Editor’s note: So you finally scored that , all the hard work has paid off, and now you’re sitting in the hot seat. How do you prove yourself during those crucial first 90 days? We tapped Heidi Nazarudin, a former investment banker and CEO of a Nasdaq-listed tech company—who gave up a $500,000 salary to launch in 2007—to share her advice on navigating this trial period. Read on for her wise words.

At some companies, they treat it like some prolonged Hunger Games, where at the end, only a lucky bunch gets confirmed and welcomed to the Capitol, I mean the company. I don't want you to just survive; I want you to thrive! Whether you are the new assistant or the new vice president, make the most out of your probation period by showcasing star quality. Start off with a bang and be consistent; your job depends on it. Be an expert communicator, be open to constructive criticism, and have lunch with someone new every week. Make a good and lasting impression by following my tips for success, and if you keep it up throughout your time in this position, you’re sure to get promoted within your first year.

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