7 Global New Year's Eve Celebrations You Need to Experience at Least Once

A few years ago, while wearing a sparkly dress that had itchy sleeves and trying to keep conversation with someone who couldn’t hear my voice over a loudspeaker, I thought to myself, Why do I keep falling for this?

We all think that  will be the best party of the year, but more often than not, we're disappointed. No, our night will probably not look like the party at the end of When Harry Met Sally. It’s always after we’ve spent time finding the right outfit, getting dressed, and waiting in line that we realize this, too, as if we’re hoping—against our better judgement—that the night will actually be one to remember. Instead, we countdown from 10, say cheers, and immediately wish we were in bed.

This year, we suggest you do two things: 1) Forget about the pressure to attend a big New Year’s Eve , and 2) look into changing your scenery for the big night. We found seven  that celebrate New Year’s Eve in a different fashion than the U.S., and some don’t even get the party started for a few more weeks and months. So take notes on how this event is celebrated throughout the world, and see if you can be a part of a party that defies your expectations.