8 Tried-and-True Ways to "Date" Your Spouse

When my husband and I got married—a whopping 30 days ago, and yes, I'm already doling out marriage advice—we were determined to keep that "newlywed glow" as long as possible. (Long story short: We've been together for six years—lived together for almost five and a half—so we were fully aware a marriage license or even a far-flung honeymoon wouldn't usher us into some new state of being.)

Over the course of a 48-hour flight schedule, we came up with a plan (again, we had 48 hours): Upon returning to New York, we were going to date beyond date night—do little things for one another, keep the stress of our jobs at bay, and just generally revel in the fact that we're lucky to live life together. Below, see the newlywed essentials we're relying on (plus a couple of must-have items worth the investment—looking at you, washer/dryer).