President Obama's Morning Routine Is Seriously Inspiring


A glimpse at 's morning routine is enough to give anyone a minor inferiority complex. In the past, we'd to maximizing the first few hours of the day, but an interview with his former personal aide Reggie Love reveals the extent of the commander in chief's dedication.

Love worked closely with Obama from 2009 to 2011 and reflects on what he learned from the POTUS in his book, . In an , Love breaks down the president's seriously inspiring a.m. ritual, including what he drinks (or, more importantly, doesn't drink) and when he wakes up.


These are the top three lessons we can all learn from President Obama's routine.

  1. Wake up two hours before you need to. "He would always start two hours before the first scheduled event," says Love, a habit that . The president uses these early hours to prioritize exercise, an activity Love says he never missed.
  2. Trade coffee for green tea. Obama doesn't drink coffee. Instead, he gets a morning energy boost from a mug of green tea and stays hydrated with orange juice and plenty of water.
  3. Catch up on current affairs. According to Love, Obama would read The New York Times and watch ESPN before his workday began. "He's a traditionalist. He likes a physical paper."

Want to transform your morning routine?

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